Mind Your Manners!


Malaysians enjoy meeting people from other countries. Don't be shy in starting a conversation with a complete stranger. This is seen as a positive quality in your character, a sign of confidence.

Muslim - Salam
When greeting a Muslim, offer your right hand then bring it towards you with your fingertips softly touching your heart. This is the traditional Salam.

Hindu - Namaste
Bring both palms together as in prayer at mid-chest level, similar to the "Wai" in Thailand.

Generally, the Malay - Chinese use the standard hand shake.

If you are generally worried about offending different cultures by greeting them in the wrong manner, when introduced to anybody just smile and give a quick nod of your head.

General Behaviour

When entering a private home it is necessary to remove your shoes. If you forget this you will be shot! Well, maybe nothing as severe but it is very disrespectful.

Mosques - Places of worship
Always dress in smart clothing which covers pretty much everything. Naturally the mosque is the spritual home of any Muslim and to disrespect any place of worship is to disrespect the entire Islamic faith. You have been warned!

Always handle food with your right hand. Don't ask me why!

Giving - Receiving
Any gifts given to or received from a Malaysian should always be offered/taken with your right hand. See abov